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This is the Spanish website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. When in Spain we live in Galera in Andalusia (for clarify that is the English spelling - Mid-Spain they spell it Andalucia and pronounce it "And-a-loo-thee-a").

We've had a home in Spain for something like 8 years or more and now we're spending a lot more time here.

Find out more about this by reading through the blog entries, menu-accessible pages and archives if you're interested! Welcome to Peter and Maureen's Spanish website.

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A weekend short trip to Seville

Deep ArtThis weekend we headed off with friends to Seville. Maureen and I stayed in a hotel in Dos Hermanas just south of Seville and our friends who had brought their caravan as they are now heading off to Portugal, stayed in a nearby and excellent camping site called “Camping Villsom”. Our hotel was called the MARE and is situated along the Avenue de la Libertad.

The weather was superb throughout, generally hovering around 30c or so in the afternoons. We set off on Friday morning from Galera and arrived mid-afternoon after a 380km trip. By then it was a little late to do anything so we headed off down to the caravan site where they had an excellent swimming pool.

We had our own at the hotel but for whatever reasons they closed it a few days ago. An hour in the pool refreshed everyone after the long day’s drive.

The girls went off to the supermarket and we had dinner by the caravan – very nice, though the supermarket burgers bore more than a passing resemblance to vulcanised rubber and so the food wasn’t entirely successful.


Saturday after parking our car at the station at Dos Hermanas, we all packed into the (very comfortable and inexpensive) train and went to Seville. We walked some distance from the train (I made my 10,000 steps no problem that day) pretty much straight into the city centre via some really interesting back streets. We did the usual tour locations and had a great lunch in an upmarket restaurant near the main church before heading off to take pictures of stained glass windows.

lunchThat night, Maureen and I picked our friends up and we headed into town, found a very nice restaurant with everyone sitting outside and had dinner before retiring early for our drive back up home today (the other two went off on their trip to Portugal). As we left the hotel we bought some diesel for the car at 96.9cents a litre – cheapest I’ve seen for a while and WAY cheaper than the UK.

On the way we called into Antequera (160km away from Seville) to visit and after spending ages looking for a bank only to find a street chocker full of them, we headed off for lunch – paella in one of those cafes on the street that Europeans do so well – the place was packed which is interesting as it isn’t exactly peak tourist season right now – we’ll definitely be going back at some point – a REALLY nice city.



Of COURSE on the way back we had to stop up the motorway just short of Guadix at Purullena for some pottery!


A very nice if short break. I came back to a bust fuse – still to be resolved, one of the breakers goes to (as far as I can tell) a single socket – with nothing in the socket it STILL takes the 30ma leakage unit out – I can see some wall bashing coming on this week.

Winter Approaches in Galera

A hill in Galera  - a photographic masterpiece by Peter ScargillWell, that’s possibly a slight exaggeration, but first thing this morning as Maureen and I walked down to the village for coffee, it was (as it was yesterday first thing) noticeably cooler.

Of course – that didn’t last long and by lunchtime it was, once again too hot to do outside work – but the signs are there. Another few weeks and the trees will start the magical process of turning through orange to bright yellow before going to sleep for the winter – and here in this part of Spain I mean BRIGHT yellow.

We’re off to Seville this month so I’m hoping winter doesn’t come TOO quickly – I’m sure it won’t but it certainly would be nice if it was cool enough to walk around all day. In August, visiting a big city like Seville would not have been a lot of fun.

Meanwhile we’ve been getting jobs around the house and garden done, I’ve put together a new media centre with a considerable amount of memory (now putting together a second unit for my own TV in the office) and we’ve been painting the area from the roundabout upwards to make it all look more spiffy.

Town Centre

A Lovely Day for the Beach

Peter and Maureen Scargill

We’ve had a few quiet days now the August festivities are over. Not so the summer however, it has been very hot here touching on 40c from time to time. We had some showers in the middle of all of that but they never last long. Hiding from the sun has given me ample time to get some mor home control experiments done – all of which is blogged elsewhere – and to start off the new photography blog. Yesterday we headed off to Orce pool for a dip which was excellent and then last night we had an unexpected trip down to see our neighbours – as always, lots of fun and involved lots of Cava.

So today we are off to Almeria – the reason being we’re dropping a couple of friends off at the airport (which we’ve never used). On our last expedition we did much of the coast to the right of Almeria, From all the way up at Vera, through Garrucha, Mojacar, Carboneras, Las Negras, San Jose, San Miguel etc. but by the time we got to Almeria, we headed straight up the main road to home as it was getting late.

This time we get to check out Almeria and beyond. We’ve also been to Motril and various places through Nerja (which is wonderful) and on to and beyond  Malaga and Marbella – but right now there’s a gap in our experiences from Almeria to Motril – hopefully we’ll fill that gap this time. Expected temperatures around 35c so no doubt we will end up in water at some point…

Warm as toast

A Banking Friday

Well, this was never going to be easy. Last week we opened an account with CaixaBank in Spain – as the performance of our existing bank had been less than stellar.  We filled in all the forms, got the App and were promised by the one English-speaking member of staff (after waiting for half the morning) that our cards would be ready on Tuesday.


Of course we went in on Tuesday and they WEREN’T ready. She offered to send an email when they were in. Maureen then got a TEXT to say the cards were in – as we’re also collecting for friends we really needed her to be there. Yesterday we popped by the bank – no sign of her and we decided to make an early start this morning.

Not there. We popped into one of the local cafes for cafe-con-leche – a lovely little place one of who’s specialities is pastry effigies of Bob Spongepants!

Bob Spongepants On our return – our contact at the bank was still not there – so another week goes by – we’ll try again on Monday. Meanwhile seems like a lovely day for the lake.

Removing Objects from Photographs in Gimp

withoutNormally I put photos in here and leave the reader to wonder how i made them. I’ve uploaded something like 8,000 photos to Flickr and that’s just a small selection of the pics I’ve taken over the years.

Let’s say you’ve taken a holiday photo and there’s something in the photo you want to remove. Perhaps an unwanted tree, animal or sign.  As you can imagine – not that simple because the information BEHIND that object – was never photographed. Pop over to my NEW photography blog for the whole story.

External Home Lighting

Totally solar-poweredThis is about externally lighting your property for fun/amusement or even security. I’m writing this because invariably the subject comes up in pub conversations and I often promise people to follow up the conversation later – I then usually forget or we simply run out of time.

Rather than fill up the Galera blog with tech stuff – I’ve written the full article over here at scargill.net – enjoy – http://www.scargill.net/external-home-lighting/