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This is the Spanish website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. When in Spain we live in Galera in Andalusia (for clarify that is the English spelling - Mid-Spain they spell it Andalucia and pronounce it "And-a-loo-thee-a").

We've had a home in Spain for something like 8 years or more and now we're spending a lot more time here.

Find out more about this by reading through the blog entries, menu-accessible pages and archives if you're interested! Welcome to Peter and Maureen's Spanish website.

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A Researching Weekend

It has been a very quiet weekend – some of our friends are away in far-flung places or returning – we’ve been with many others this week gone and so we’ve sat and at least on the surface of it done very little but have a quiet time this weekend.


Of course we never really stop – Netflix declined our cards today and Maureen has spent half the day fixing it – turns out that the bank back in the UK, after watching us use the cards for months while we’ve been here in Spain, suddenly decided that a payment to Netflix MUST be money-laundering – I mean – how stupid can these people get. Anyway, that took some phone calls and meanwhile Netflix were very nice about it and re-instated the account – can’t be missing our shows now can we.

And on that subject, we’ve just finished watching House of Cards which, if you’ve not seen it is BLOODY MARVELOUS. I am finding more and more (consider the Man in the Iron Castle from Amazon) of these original series to often be much better than the material on mainstream TV – apart from Sky Atlantic I’m wondering why we have a dish.

I’ve spent half the say working on some computer code – and playing with black pop bottles to see how much better they are at grabbing sunlight than clear ones (yes we all know they do but now I know by how much). Of course I then had to blog the computing work I’d done so it is now midnight and I’m just about to give up.  If Jonathan is looking in – we’re thinking about you mate – get in touch when you have the energy.

Pilates for Maureen tomorrow, I have some more writing to do and I need a little concentrated sunbathing. She is off to the UK on Friday for a short while to see friends and relatives. The flight is early so I’m thinking about what I could be doing in Alicante for the morning when I’m done dropping her off at the airport. I don’t think we’ve really done much up there but drop in to the airport so it’s worth parking the car up and taking a look around.

Looks like it might be a little cooler tomorrow – in the upper 20s instead of the upper 30s – so a nice day for a walk.

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